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— Current and Former Naples Council Members endorsements
Terry Hutchison, Mike McCabe and Linda Penniman endorse Beth Petrunoff for Naples City Council

Beth, congratulations on running for City Council in Naples, a place you and Ron hold so dear to your heart.   As a former colleague at GE, I worked with Beth for several decades in Canada, Ohio & Connecticut.   She has an amazing ability to listen, comprehend and focus on the issues that matter.  Toward that end with her laser focus, she was able to get stuff done with a passion, always doing the right thing - whether for consumers, small businesses or Fortune 500 companies.  

As a small business owner, I enthusiastically support Beth and I know constituents will not be disappointed with her 110% efforts and results. She jumps into every endeavor with all of her heart and mind.  In my experience, Beth’s integrity is unmatched.  

Once elected, I bet that she will even donate the City Council salary to make Naples a better place for everyone.  Further helping on delivering on her commitment to making Naples a place we all want to live & work in… today and tomorrow.  

Good luck!

— Jeff Manchester
VP of Marketing for GE (1999 - 2014), retired

RE: Endorsement of Beth Petrunoff for Naples Florida City Council

Dear Sir or Madam: 

For thirteen years, Beth has been a resident of Naples, FL, and a loyal friend and neighbor to our family. Beth is an intelligent, trustworthy, and community-driven individual and one of the main reasons we purchased our home in Naples. She is a kind and conservative leader with years of impressive corporate business experience and has successfully served on our parent's condo board multiple times.

From personal experience, I know firsthand that Beth will protect our most significant assets: quality of life, economy, and clean beaches and water. She is passionate about listening to residents and local small business owners to support their needs and believes in smart development vs. over-development to preserve Naples's distinctive character. In all these years we have known Beth and her husband Ron, she always acts with the highest degree of integrity and with a service mindset. She is the first person to donate to an important cause and regularly offers a helping hand. She loves this community and the people of Naples and clearly possesses the qualities necessary to be an influential and well-respected City Councilor who successfully gets the job done!

We are honored to endorse Beth Petrunoff as City Counselor of Naples!

— Shannon and Daryl Hanna
personal friends and Naples, Florida neighbors

Re: Beth Petrunoff for Progress Naples City Council

I highly recommend Beth Petrunoff. I have known her for over 10 years and have been impressed by her active civic energy, continuing education and her strong ability to bring successful win-win solutions to challenges and controversial problems in business and as a proud, longtime Naples City homeowner. 

A vote for Petrunoff is a positive vote for our beloved City of Naples. A vote for Beth Petrunoff means:

  • commitment to adhere to Naples Growth Plans
  • honesty with compassionate ear
  • hardworking and optimistic attitude
  • pursuit of informed critical thinking

— Randy Burke
retiree/17 year Naples’ resident

Beth and I worked together at GE Capital in the early 1990s in Mason, Ohio. She ran the marketing function and I led the operations team for a large account at GE Retail Finance. She was an absolute pleasure to work with: smart, analytical, and an excellent partner. She knew how to work hard and also create a positive work environment. She will bring all these qualities to bear on the issues and concerns facing the residents of Naples. I wholeheartedly endorse her. She’s the real deal!

— Maria DiPietro
former GE cowoker

My wife Julie and I have known Beth and Ron Petrunoff for almost 30 years. Beth and I first met at GE Capital, in Stamford, CT, in 1994, where we worked for the same supervisor in dual, revenue-generating roles, managing separate profit and loss statements for our products. We developed a mutual respect and friendship early on in our tenures and each managed our own staffs, along with working hand-in-hand with the rest of the Marketing and Sales group, as well as for each of our division’s clients as appropriate. In other words, our often complicated work environment, included multiple customers, often with conflicting needs, at both GE and our clients, and Beth Petrunoff was consistently able to keep her promises to them all, via her thoughtful approach and style, resulting in a lengthy and successful career. 

Beth is a highly intelligent, intuitive and goal-oriented individual who, as a “quick study,” can understand issues, assess situations, analyze solutions and move forward with smart and expedient plans to accomplish her objectives each time. Beth built a record of consistent achievements across the number of ever-increasing responsibilities she had while with GE. She naturally and easily worked well across all functions and levels of the company, from the most tech-savvy IT Manager, to the Director of Finance reviewing her latest quarter’s results, to an agency’s creative team or the CEO of the division. Beth truly has a special gift for being able to be herself in all instances, and inhabit the appropriate space with whomever or wherever the conversation leads — or where she is leading it.

In addition, Beth is one of the most honest and strait forward individuals with whom I’ve ever had the opportunity to work. She is not only strong enough to champion the underdog as appropriate, give all credit to where or whom it is due, and to meet objections and roadblocks with grace and humility, but she will also do her effective best to work together to hammer out the best solutions to both complicated and even simple issues that can split a team and stop a negotiation. She can also do all of this without ever raising her voice, something that has never failed to amaze me. And in fact, one of the reasons we have stayed in touch over these many years is her sense of humor. It is always fun to work — and socialize — with Beth.  

Beth’s approach to life, business and just getting things done is always a well-researched, fully informed, honest and practical solution set. We remained friends long after we left GE, and these many years later because of our similar, logical, mindful approaches, and never once taking ourselves or each other too seriously. I have no doubt that Beth can and will become a very successful and valued Naples public servant. The city will be lucky and proud to have her serve them.

Congratulations Beth and great, good luck with it all. 

— Jon Stoner
former GE cowoker

Solid choice for Naples Florida City Council

— Susan Lineberry
Former coworker, Naples, Florida

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