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Beth Petrunoff


Originally from Ohio, I was recruited by GE from the University of Illinois.  As Vice President at GE Capital, I strengthened my skills for listening, team building, goal setting, strategy development and execution of strategic plans.  These are important tools for transitioning our community’s interests into our Comprehensive Plan, our codes, policies, and principles.

My husband Ron and I have celebrated 25 years of marriage and join three generations of family who call the beautiful City of Naples home.   

The values and priorities that have been so strongly articulated by our residents and local business community resonate with me and I want to help move those values forward into the management of our City.  Balance of commercial and resident interests, responsible growth, careful redevelopment and protection of our environment are essential to our economic vitality and to an exceptional quality of life. 

As a chemist and engineer my dad spent his career cleaning polluted waters including Lake Erie.  Because of this, I have a high regard for the fragility of our lakes, gulf, and waterways.  Ecological stewardship is in my DNA. Protecting our environment must be embedded in our codes and prioritized in our budget.

This election is pivotal.  The next City Council will consider changes to our Comprehensive Plan that will define the look and feel of our city for decades to come.  Our values matter, but we need meaningful plans built around those values with goals, metrics, and accountability to ensure those values transfer to meaningful change.  

My platform is resident-centric and forward looking.  Strategic plans must include our community’s values and priorities.  I hope voters will entrust me with their vote on February 1st so we can move forward together.


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