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3. Leverage Technology for a Better Naples

Naples always ranks high in the “Best Places to Live’ ratings. We can leverage smart applications of leading edge technologies to stay at the top of the rankings...but we need to make this effort a top priority. 

Naples has a $177 million annual budget, but we don’t have a Chief Technology Officer [CTO]. We need to bring on board a high caliber CTO who lives and breathes ‘Naples’ and who has a holistic view of technological impact and potential for our community. Priority Applications:

  • Improved cybersecurity to protect residents’ information held within the City databases. Defend the City and residents against ransomware and cybertheft so that, for instance, the $700,000 cybertheft of 2019 is not repeated.
  • Leverage 5G Cellular to provide ‘real time’ EMS response, better/faster connectivity with residents. Naples should sponsor a cell phone app like Our Streets so residents can easily report traffic or parking violations, and have access to consolidated reports for each neighborhood.
  • Real time, leading edge traffic management software to relieve congestion, and divert Highway 41 thru-traffic away from the city and residential neighborhoods. 
  • Real time measurement of air quality, noise pollution, with ‘one click’ online access. 
  • Retrofit all municipal building with ‘smart’ software to improve security and to generate significant energy savings.
  • In ten years, 30% of all vehicles may be electric and residents and visitors will need many more recharge stations.
  • Autonomous vehicles will be commonplace and can use remote parking, away from the city core. Data will inform future parking needs and may lead to repurposing space within our garages.
  • A truly networked, easily accessed healthcare ecosystem, with privacy assured containing institutionalized “lessons learned’ from the COVID pandemic.

Technology will advance with or without us; we need to deepen our technology expertise and applications to make our lives easier, better, and safer for residents, business owners, and visitors. It’s about “Forward Together.”

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