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2. Low Impact Development (LID)

Low impact redevelopment, in its broadest sense, must be incorporated into a Naples’ updated Comprehensive Plan. Thoughtful planning that guides responsible growth will sustain residents’ high quality of life. The key principles are:

  • Mitigate high density development that is incompatible with nearby residential dwellings. Revisit and modernize building codes that firmly align with this strategy.
  • Extend environmental standards into our commercial and residential building codes. Prioritize natural functional landscape features for storm-water management, pervious surfaces always, and protect remaining open space within the City.
  • Within our shopping and dining districts, encourage variable building setbacks that facilitate friction-free pedestrian transit, encourage outdoor dining, and avoid canyon effects.
  • Minimize air and noise pollution impacts within our residential neighborhoods. Stronger enforcement of private and commercial vehicular traffic violations. Establish baseline levels and strategies to reduce green houseemissions levels.
  • Conform transient housing/hotel room density to our residential codes within the 41/10 corridor.

Low impact is a mindset that will guide my decisions as a member of City Council. When we protect the natural beauty of Naples, and the healthy environment, we protect resident quality of life, enhance visitor experience and the City’s economic vitality. A win-win!

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