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1. Naples Plan 2030

The core language of the Comprehensive Plan was drafted and approved in 2009. It is aspirational and has generally served the City well, but is in need of serious updating in form and substance.

My recommendations for Naples Plan 2030:

  • It should be Values-Driven - reflecting the Vision Plan approved in 2020.
  • Include specific 5 and 10 year planning horizons and anchor achievement of key goals to those dates.  This is especially critical for the Future Land Use and the Transportation Elements of the Comp Plan.
  • Goals and objectives should include timelines and achievement metrics. For instance, target goals for water quality improvements, air quality, traffic, population growth, public safety, citizen engagement. 
  • Tight alignment of 5 year Capital Improvement Plan with measurable goals. This will support strong financial accountability. 
  • Reinstate Neighborhood Action plans into the Comprehensive Plan. These essential plans were deleted in 2009. This will improve citizen engagement and is an important part of my Forward Together agenda.

I will work cooperatively to implement these recommendations. I believe my background in strategic planning, goal setting, and team building is aligned with the requirement of this important task.

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