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I am running because I care passionately about our city and want to ensure that Naples preserves its small town charm and pristine beaches and water.  As a retired GE executive I am aligned with NO special interests. I have steadfast values, and will be an independent voice. 

Residents are my top priority and I will uphold our excellent quality of life in Naples.  I will back policies that support local businesses and restaurants to ensure our town’s economic vitality within this framework. “Forward Together” means together with residents, together with our local business community, and together with a cohesive and responsive city government. 

Our City Vision will be my guide on council as it reflects your values and priorities for Naples.  On city council, I will ensure that the City Vision is embedded in everything we do and every decision we make.

I need your support.  Please consider contributing, volunteering, and VOTE on February 1st

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